Almeyda thanked call Veron, who congratulated him. And that their relationship did not go through great moments ...

"As we mature, more and more we agree on how to feel the football." It seems that the days of mixed messages and some scratches on the taps are already part of the past. Relationship Matías Almeyda and Juan Sebastian Veron was not the best . it looked ugly when you had to face in River-Students and statements were distant, though they had been partners in the Argentina and Italy.
Now, both retired, the relationship changed. And for the better. "I spoke a lot of friends and today (yesterday) I got a call very special: the Sebastian Veron," said the Bare, who, in the style Ponzio, sent him a hug, even from a distance: "I called to congratulate me, to support me and see how I was. It was a nice gesture and I want to publicly thank ".


Enjoying the last hours in Jujuy lands, River Plate coach Jesús Almeyda Matias received a delegation of the Association's walk together in the City of San Pedro, which serves children and youth with Down Syndrome in the Pearl of the branch.
After practice, as was scheduled, the DT Millionaire cordially received representatives present Sampedreña Institution, which was meeting last days working 19 years and steady growth. Almeyda is a connoisseur of the syndrome and tireless contributor to charitable causes, mindful that her niece is "Clara" was born with Down Syndrome, daughter of his sister. After exchanging experience and experience with the President of Walk Together, Ms. Elsa Arms Ruiz, Almeyda, praised the work done by the Association seeking the development of the infant, child, youth and adults with Down syndrome, pledging to continue making from their place of públlica figure, but mainly by his niece, messages and events to raise awareness to end in the Company with respect to the inclusion of people with disabilities.


IN CHAPEL. Three River holders are stretched to the yellow. (PHOTO: The Million Dollar Page)
River's supporters are convinced that Matias Almeyda, Erik Lamela and Paulo Ferrari, at the limit of warnings must be members to receive All Boys, no matter who may miss the Superclasico.
As before the big game face, speculations with the yellow cards came on the scene. And River is not a minor issue because it has three key pieces of equipment owner at risk of not going to La Boca, where on Sunday they see the yellow card.
Beginning with the captain, Almeyda was warning letter in Avellaneda and that or put the limit for those of Floresta. Then, the peeling should take care to deal with Boca. In addition, Lamela, the jewel that has this facility, also is in danger, with their four cards in tow.
Meanwhile, Paulo Ferrari has nine cautions and, after the injury he suffered in Avellaneda, there was speculation to rest at All Boys and arrived safely at the Bombonera, but the side recovered and will start.
River's fans are no strangers to this issue and, in a survey of The Million Dollar Page, 65% believe it is first to win in All Boys and Boca then think, so they agree with these three players see action. In addition, Rogelio Funes Carlos Arano and Mori are stretched.

Omar Solassi, 2nd Vice River, confirmed that reached a verbal agreement with Almeyda to continue in the Millo until at least December 2011. Arab Football can wait ...

"They are calling me for several proposals to him. But Matthias PDII me not go near anything. You head in River .... "

Adrian Castellanos, representing Almeyda, had been very clear with Olé. Al Bare, even with his 37 young years, want him here and there. And the Arab football was willing to put it all close together on the table. But nothing azuleño wondered to no end to know where they would go their River. So put stop to any poll. And today, Vice President 2 of Millo, Omar Solassi, finished the novel before you write the second chapter.

Solassi said in Minute Zero, by Fox Sports, which has already reached a verbal agreement to continue the link Almeyda, at least until December. Then, with the cider and fresh bread under his arm, will discuss the future 2012. But while many sheiks must endure some more ...

FIFA is also dazzled with the eternal Matias Almeyda and ran his career in an interview for his official site. "I take every minute to enjoy," he told the Pelado. 

Matias Almeyda continues. River Captain and figure not only in Argentine football marvel at their presence. So, with 35 years only in the DNI, FIFA interviewed him for his official site to explore their past and present. "Everything happens for the desire to be put to this profession. When one is becoming bigger and see he has little football, you take advantage of every minute to enjoy, "he said.
Looking back on his career, Peel remembered the first time. "The next day they met 19 years of my debut. I was 18 and was another hunger. Installed was not as business as now: our goal was to play in first and get to the selection, "he said. And its infancy compared with that of young people starting today. "Today it looks more the economic side, is counterproductive. Gone is the hunger for glory, the desire to stay training longer to improve. Football is an accurate reflection of how we live, "he said.
In the review, did not forget their early departure: "I retired at 30 to dedicate the field. But eventually I realized that I was happy. " And although Matthew does not regret her decision, accepted the difficult times that had to overcome far from the ball: "I have no regrets, although I know I gave years of happiness. In the depression I had, I hurt and damaged others. Avoid that part, but the decisions are well taken, "Be honest. "The reasons for that determination so drastically? "Football is pure success. If you played well today, tomorrow all speak well of you, people on the street greets you in a particular way. It becomes all false and that made me sick."
Four years after being sidelined for the August 30, 2009 returned to football. That day, River beat Chacarita by 4 to 3, and Almeyda entered the second half. "The day I returned to the activity I remember everything (...) It was very deep, was full of feelings." "Most players are removed when the physician does not give more, but I left knowing I could. Luckily I could now go back and enjoy every moment," said midfielder Jota Jota team.
To close, Matthew told his dreams for the future. "I'm going to coach, I have defined and continue my life tied to football," he said. But before you meet a player's ultimate dream: "I want to win the title, would enjoy a great happiness." 
Superprofesionalizado In football, where physical demand on the technical, where youth dominates to the market hungry for cracks in their early years, the boss is an old lion with Heart of Samurai.

Matias Jesus Almeyda was born on December 21, 1973 in the city of Azul, 300 km from the capital in the province of Buenos Aires.
In the beginning of his football career in Argentina First Division was a reserve of Leonardo Astrada in River Plate, but soon earned a spot as right winger and had a decisive role in obtaining the Copa Libertadores, scoring the 1-0 in the return match against Universidad de Chile, which left River Plate in the final.
With these words, Wikipedia starts to describe the life Jesus Matias Almeyda. A warrior in every sense.
The Peel River boy went to Sevilla for a year ended up in the Lazio of Italy where he would have his best season as a player earning multiple titles.
Its success led to playing in Parma and then Inter Milan. But his career would be in a rut when it makes its move to Brescia where he did not have many games to show that football was worth it.
That's why he decided to return to Argentine football, but the doors would open the Quilmes he must play the Libertadores Cup and build a great squad.
But decided to hang up his boots ...
Two years later he was hired by the FC Lyn Oslo in Norway. Where he played only two matches and there if you play as a professional would refuse his return to River Plate.
The peeling continued playing in the Showbol with Maradona and other former players. But in 2009 resumed its activities in the Phoenix Club. He played 4 matches and was expelled twice.
He put the business to participate in the senior team Club Atlético River Pate with Gabriel Amato and Enzo Francescoli. The latter saw that his physical condition was excellent and convinced him to play again and was in River just where it was going to give it a try.
On August 30, 2009, for the second date of the Apertura, played his first game in the tournament after 13 years without wearing the jersey of River Plate. Entered the 43 'of the second half, replacing Diego Buonanotte and two minutes of play had already been booked.
Many disbelieved the state of Matthias, many scoffed at the River actions in bringing a retired football player. Many, many had no idea of ​​what they said ...
Pelado today is the emblem, is the standard of this equipment. It is the player that peer pressure, soul, heart and balls! ... Is a River by the road to recovery.
Almeyda is the player we all want to see on our campus. With words is one that reaches your heart, one who says what is just and necessary.
"I said I had a River not be underestimated." Peel said after the victory against Banfield. And it's true, but at times it seemed that only he was so confident in this team. A real man without a cassette.
In this football superprofesionalizado, Almeyda, is a professional seriously. In this football where physical demand, Almeyda, has the most privileged physical. In this world where everything is a business ... for peeling the only business is to be faithful to the shirt that has tattooed on the skin. Almeyda is faithful to the feeling. The same that makes you skin crawl to hear the stands vibrate and explode. That same feeling that fills the heart of red and white to the point that it seems that it might explode.
Matias Jesus Almeyda is a professional with all the letters. A lion inside and outside the court. But it is true to himself, colors and feelings. Like the Samurai Warrior ... a life.


 Source millionaire PAGE

These kids that I have in the gallery behind me I fall on the head. Do not cry goal. Yell Pelado Pelado! Something strange, rarely seen. Those three letters unchangeable become six. Never more deserved. The entire stadium throw up his sacred fire revere their spiritual leader, that "peladito of Blue." I also kneel, pinch me, go nuts. I look to heaven and I thank my children to witness tonight, this type of another planet. Night's "Monumental sacrifice." A player symbol rushing to rival and urges him to force the error. Thirty-seven years of wisdom, energy and the same admiration kilos gold.
Vital piece for a coaching staff with his feet on the ground and a human group as a while is not seen, full focused on task. With commitment, austerity, but hungry to make history. That the greatest merit of this River a pure heart, courage, self-esteem, which in times drawn with a brush. This team of "men" who came to the end of the championship in the middle of objections which predicted the decline. From that breathtaking summum of faith that is Matthias, the spread is being produced. And there's Carrizo-cheered by his call for the selection, making the difficult easy. Picking three or four brave and a great goalkeeper party has to tackle for one of River. Under the authority of a seamless defense. Again the pristine central and lateral leaflets asserted. What a great time to Diaz! How much confidence it dispensed by Jota Jota. As in Acevedo, who played a huge game.
With five or six changes of direction impeccable. And "Coco" that begins to float. And slips between pipes and steps. But not both and awakens reminiscences lagunea alonso. There is a River that started the tournament with almost the head down. Forced to change the "taste" as they change older men. Giving up something of lyricism and adapt to circumstances. It had to understand that the reality principle is sometimes preceded by lust and desire. Thus was reborn the River, away from the exclusive product of improvisation. And finally, the time begins to give the reason: not everything always seems left to providence.
This River realized that there are irreconcilable poetry and work. It's another chapter in the story of the Thousand and One Nights and continues the following Sunday. Like Scheherazade's life depended on the next story, so on point to point will have to fight to the end. To stay in the residence or to celebrate something big. What if it is clear that when she painted the tragedy served to hold on to planning, structure and logic. As the story itself. As this unforgettable chapter of the "homeland heroic lion and tractorazo tank to settle to Banfield.
On Saturday we live a fuller page of spells spread over a plot that will keep us in suspense until the end of this story. Meanwhile, enjoy the plot. The process that began with many questions and almost believe we have individuals in this metamorphosis of insect predator. We entered the final straight as the Hindu fable of those who underestimated a lion's bones lay scattered in the woods and today they are starting to eat, with their pack of puppies. The milk-white bones and hard as flint, which had been revived countless suns-bleached with a happy formula. Returned not only beat the "order of selection." Yesterday there was a mantra that sounded for all the fools: "Do not say anything, you do not hear anything ... we shut his ass all swollen. Not reach the stands, not enough entries ... We show you what the bad River. "
None of this goes unnoticed to the lion. He ran the car we had time, he slapped the Dwarf on the other hand, everything is under control. Almeyda was able to cover the bones with tendons, blood irrigate those muscles and pump up your heart and give it to her offspring. Night of myths, tales and resilience, the ability of all to overcome the traumas of the more emotional pain. We must celebrate, as appropriate. Growing enthusiasm, the hand of moderation in the midst of madness. Is that if these Legionnaires do not loose ... going to have to start thinking about the band lining blood with lion skin.


Source Diario Clarin
Amazing. The level of the steering wheel 37 is one of the reasons behind the leader.
Lion that drew his daughter tired to describe that parent depressed much football withdrawal is now a fuzzy memory of Matias Almeyda life. If it even seems a fable that once this strong midfielder has been with the hair on the floor. Not only by the level he showed on Saturday against Banfield and that play to pure anger that drove the goal of Mariano Pavone. During the Clausura tournament, the Bare showed a steady performance. And a physicist privileged. At 37, the command pointer River legs trembled to play every minute of this tournament.
From Juan José López, a leading coach, to the Monumental scorer that night spoke of the referent. And praise be heard daily on the wheel. "Almeyda is an important part of this group, both within and outside the court. Is an example for young people on campus and we have to follow, "said the coach. "P t seems a kid of 20 years, he is extending the race. The goal that I was all his own merit, "returned Tank Three Sergeants, whose definition was remarkable, but incomparable with the action of Blue credit.
And Almeyda them right. For the spirit that shows in every game with the red stripe on the white chest. That mixed feeling when asked whether to continue running from June, the month that is supposed to mark his maturity as a player. "I will continue until my body says enough. Hopefully I can keep playing until December or June next year, "he says with a smile.
So thank fans from the stands with an ovation that is unprecedented in its level. For Almeida, the national team, asked. "I enjoy this time. I am eternally grateful for wearing a T-River today. The selection is the best thing for a football player, but I know my age and that there are younger players who are better, "reflects harshly.
Almeyda knows he has to curb the anxiety that was generated around the team big time. Is the message coming down from the coaching staff: "We are calm, we are aware that they still do not get anything.
We must keep our feet on the ground.
In addition, we complicated to the average. And although we are close to coming out there, we can not deviate from our primary goal. "
The truth is that a candidate River. Is that why Almeyda account: "We put the breast in difficult times of the club and this happens to us is our reward." Yes, perhaps that says Pelado, an award for this lion.